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Structural Drying Team


We have experts on staff that will not only set up the drying process but monitor it as well.  Not all jobs are as simple as the placement of a few fans.  GOTMOLD.US  has a full line of dehumidification units, air movers, and ultra-dry heaters.  We test your home throughout the process to ensure the right level of humidity is reached – and that we get there in a proper period of time.  If long term dehumidification is needed, we can recommend and install professional grade dehumidification or air circulation equipment.  Prevent odors, mold, and unwanted staining due to excess moisture in your home.

Water Removal Services

It can happen to anyone – you look in your basement or crawlspace only to find water on the floor or running down waters.  we can help – whether just a growing puddle or if your basement resembles an indoor swimming pool – we have the equipment to get unwanted water out of your home – fast.  Once the water is out, our professional air moving, dehumidification, and heating equipment will ensure that moisture is alleviated.  This is where some service providers stop – but GOTMOLD.US takes it the key step further:  we work to solve your water problem for good.

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